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We are a family run business based in Cornwall, providing Organic and Reusable products for children and families.
Both our children suffer with different skin conditions and allergies resulting in us looking at what they wear and what we put on their skin as well as the environmental impact. This is why we have started our little online store as we feel so passionately about these products and their values. 

Organic Clothes if you haven't tried them are not only nicer on skin they are also a lot softer. There are no chemical residues left on the clothing which is very important to us as it can lead to fewer allergies and less outbreaks of eczema as well as keeping that baby skin nice and soft. Organic clothes are hard wearing resulting in clothes possibly lasting more than one child if not TWO!

Disposable Nappies are a large part of UK landfill in fact eight million disposable nappies are thrown away every year. By parents choosing Cloth Nappies they can reduce their carbon footprint by up to 40%. Cloth Nappies are softer and kinder on baby's bum because they have no nasty chemicals in them. By switching to Cloth Nappies everyday you will save 912 nappies going to landfill! Some councils offer all sorts of cashback and trail schemes to encourage parents to use cloth nappies so it is well worth checking out your local council to see what they offer. 

We as a company have confidence in the products that we sell. We believe in better working conditions, local sustainability and fair trade for farmers and workers throughout the world. 

We also like to support as many people as we can so this year we will be raising money through out the year for The Cornwall Birth And Baby Appeal a charity close to us in Cornwall, helping mother's in Cornwall have a great birth. Improving Treliske's facilities not just for mum and baby but for after care as well. 

If you would like to donate please follow the link below:

If you are local to Cornwall, We have just opened a store in Truro we would love to see you and help with anything you may need! 
5 Lemon Street, 

Thanks so much for reading, we love hearing your feedback and questions. So please contact us and we will get back to as quickly as possible. 

Sarah and Family x