For those that know me, I love cloth! I've used it on my children and when the opportunity cam up to stock Cloth Nappies at Dinosaurs And Daffodils cam up I jumped at the chance!! They are great, and the environmental impact Cloth has is just amazing! Imagine if all parents used cloth we'd be saving  billions of nappies going to landfill. 

A few nappies we love at Dinosaurs and Daffodils 

The wonderful Close Pop- In is a great nappy system which has two parts, they are really reliable, Grandparent proof and we've never had any leaks! They also look amazing! 


Not only me, but our customers love Close pop-ins too!! The are designed well, the patterns are stunning each release and the double leg gusset is a life saver keeping all the dirty providing no leaks!! This and the bamboo inserts makes the Pop-In nappy a staple in anyone's collection!


Shop our Close parent collection range

Another fabulous nappy at Dinosaurs And Daffodils is the wonderful Tickle Tots. 

Tickle Tots AIO nappies are perfect for those using cloth for the first time, with a absorbent core and a great pocket making adding inserts an added bonus for more absorbency to be used over night or as the grow. They are perfect for sizes 9lbs to 35lbs so will last right from birth to potty. 


You can shop our Tickle Tots collection over on the website with nappies, wet bags, boosters all these gorgeous designs.

  We hope you are all enjoying Real Nappy Week 2018! 
We still have lots of reusable products on offer and 20% off our clothing range so why not pop over and shop a bargain. Remember all orders over £25 this week receive a Real Nappy Week Freebie. 


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