Real Nappy FAQ

Sunday, 30 July 2017  |  Admin

Real Nappy FAQ

How Many Reusable Nappies do I need?

You will need about 20 nappies and 3-6 wraps if you decide to choose a two part system. How many nappies you need all depends on your rotation and if you opt for a quick drying system or a slightly slower drying system. 

Are Reusable Nappies easy to use?
Cloth Nappies are not what they use to be, they are very simple. A common Nappy is the 'all in one' Nappy which has a absorbent core and waterproof outer that all come together in one Nappy. Most nappies fit around baby with Velcro or poppers looking very similar to disposables. As well as all this you will also save a fortune on disposable nappies. 

 How do I wash Reusable Nappies?

If the nappy is soiled then flush solids down the toilet and store the used nappies in bucket or wet bag until you ready to wash. Simply empty them into the washing machine and run a cold rise. Then wash warm at 40-60°C with non-bio detergent and no fabric softeners. It's recommended that you air dry your nappies but you can also tumble dry nappies on low. Just check the individual nappy brand recommendations. 

Will I save money?
Yes! If you use Reusable Nappies from birth you can save anything from £100 to £1000 by the time you little one is out of nappies. A 60°C wash costs roughly 23p, including detergent this is roughly £42 a year. A disposable nappy costs approximately 20p costing over £1100 in a three year period. 

Can I receive any help when purchasing Reusable Nappies? 
Yes, Lots of Local Authorities run incentive schemes. So check with your local council what they offer. 

What type of Reusable Nappy should I use?

This is all dependant on you and baby, different styles and brands work best for different parents and their babies. Why not pop over to our website to see what nappies we have to

Are Reusables Nappies really environmentally friendly?

By using Reusable Nappies you can prevent potentially thousands of nappies from going to landfill. The Environment Agency’s 2008 Life Cycle Analysis Report showed that you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40% by using cloth nappies instead of disposables.  They also use fewer natural resources than disposable nappies.