What's an Indie?

Thursday, 19 October 2017  |  Admin

Lot's of customers are asking what is this indie that you keep talking about?

An indie is another word for an independent retailer who is running a small business with very few employees, (in our case none apart from the occasional help from Oliver!). 
I run Dinosaurs And Daffodils alone in and around my kiddies and being a stay at home mum.



Weather it's ordering new stock, adding it to the website, hand wrapping your orders or running to and fro to the post office. It's just me not a team of staff, you aren't shopping with some corporate company, you are shopping with me and my small little family from Cornwall! 

Without you all I wouldn't be able to do the fabulous things that I love doing, we love seeing your pictures and hearing all your lovely feedback!
Thank you to everyone who has ordered with us so far! It really does mean the world to us!  

Please support an independent business like Dinosaurs And Daffodils because without you this really couldn't happen! 

Thank you